Muni Rebranding Concept
My fascination with the Muni logo started a long time ago. It's an iconic piece of San Francisco's heritage and probably the most recognized SF symbol after the SF Giants. Because of my obsessive compulsions, I've been itching to rework the main mark without compromising its longstanding aesthetic quality.

I collaborated with Mirtho Prepont to come up with a new approach for the Muni brand, ranging from the original logo, to additional extensions such as sign systems, apparel, interactive applications, among others.

Important Note:
This is an exercise of civic engagement and it is a fictional effort for personal and educational purposes. This exercise isn’t meant as a rhetorical call to action for SFMTA. That would be unwise of the agency to spend money on such a thing rather than improving their service. However, I think these are things to be considered if they do decide to work on it later on in the future when they have solved the rest of their issues.

Unlike the original logo, all strokes are of equal weight and proportional.
Surprisingly enough, this subtle change gives the logo a more contemporary look.

Additionally, the 'i" has been adapted to retain the same stroke style as the rest of the letterforms.

A new bus livery and colorway includes the Muni logo prominently displayed across the vehicle for maximum impact and recognition. A pattern at the top of the vehicle indicates the type of route the bus represents (solid: local, dotted: limited, striped: express)

A new tram livery uses the logo as a repeat pattern

A wide assortment of interchangeable apparel pieces now use neutral colors with the red Muni accent color.

Most people recognized the old Fast Pass tickets for their unique design. This new approach takes a slightly more modern take on the ticket and also introduces local SF art culture to the masses. This creates a unique and educational memento for both locals and tourists.

We constructed a few pictograms for San Francisco's neighborhoods. The aesthetic quality of these pictograms follows the same geometric language of the main logo. These pictograms would be included in city-wide signage to ease landmark recognition.

We developed a new signage system that is completely modular. For the signage, we have designed two main styles for stations with low and heavy traffic: Sign posts and Totem poles

Signage instances are also differentiated through the use of a white background for above-ground transport and a black background for underground stations.

As a bonus. take a peek at the redesigned BART logo (no more vertical compression... and the counterspace within the "b" and "a" letterforms are connected with a line, portraying the act of going from one point to another).

Supergraphics in Muni underground stations alongside a digital screen displaying the system map and arrival times

We developed a new mobile app concept that simplifies the Muni experience on the go. In addition to arrival/departure times, directions, and alerts, we also added the ability to add value to any existing Clipper card.